I am visually stimulated by everything: patterns, colors, objects, figures, shapes, and life's aesthetic rhythms. My eye bolts to the dramatic and the bold. While working on a series of landscapes/waterscapes I used language to help me feel the space. This opened has me to new ways of thinking — allowing me to create a new sense of rhythm.

I am a true colorist. I see color. My work is also inspired by joyfulness — such as the feeling you get when flowers arrive unexpectedly or when you are in the subway and someone compliments your coat. I pay homage to the things I love that draw me in every day. I work effectively, tight and loose. This has helped me keep a fluid feeling between throughout my work.

I have reaccuring images that cycle in and out of my work. Through the rhythms of my language paintings, I have generated a shorthand using the same movements and shapes to create an energetic color field. Color mixed with chaos offers me endless possibilities. I am currently mixing the hard and soft movements and loving where this is taking me.

Ginger Jars

3 in Series

Tulip Series

7 in Series