I am visually stimulated by everything. Patterns, colors, objects, figures, shapes, and life’s aesthetic rhythms. My eye bolts to the dramatic and the bold. Recently, I have embarked on a series of landscapes/waterscapes, a genre that has eluded me until now. My first access in was language. I used language to help me feel the space I was trying to create. This was a successful series for me and has opened me to new ways of thinking.

I am a true colorist, I see color. My work is also inspired by joyfulness. Like the feeling you get when flowers arrive unexpectedly or when you are in the sub-way and someone compliments your coat, a fragment of time that makes you smile. I look for this same feeling in my work. I pay homage to the things I love and that draw me in every day. The images that I am attracted to cycle in and out of my work. I have always worked tight and loose. I believe this has helped me keep a fluid feeling between both styles.

Through the rhythms of my language paintings, I have generated a short hand using the same movements and shapes to create an energetic color field. Color mixed with a little chaos is what drives me and the endless possibilities.